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In the evolving radio industry in the midst of the podcast boom, Inaudible Raucous is geared towards a niche market that is community based and progressive in the entrepreneurial aspect. The content is both entertaining and educational as it strives to facilitate communication for the educated urban consumer.


A simplified version of what we do…..We take material that is discussed on the front porch in the inner cities and curate it so that listeners from all over can relate and connect with the message and partake in the ongoing conversation. We also help identify and implement effective strategies to increase product reach and maximize brand exposure for small businesses and independent artists.

Although the average listeners are black males and females aged 25-34, the more the content grows; so does the audience. The current listener base includes but is not limited to the following markets Detroit, Houston, Dallas, Cleveland, Chicago, Philadelphia, DC, New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco/Oakland, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Memphis, Atlanta, Miami, Charlotte, Jackson, MS; Birmingham, AL; and Tulsa, OK.


Loren “Lo” Gross, born on the Northwest side of Detroit, MI, was raised by his mother, Tami Gross aka MommaLo, in a single parent household. Because his extended family was so large and consisted of many cousins, being the only child was no bother to him. It was on the front porch of his grandparents’ house, with these same cousins on Broadstreet in Detroit, is where he discovered his unique ability to captivate an audience.


In 2001, Lo, affectionately nicknamed by his family and friends as “Skeet”, was selected to be a voice talent for a commercial with V98.7 in Detroit. From that moment forward, he become a student of radio and worked hard to cultivate his “gift of gab”.


Just a few short years later, he attended a Communications and Media Art’s high school while working for his uncle’s promotions company, Grossly Stated Promotions. Upon graduating in 2006, Lo received a scholarship to attend Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, Ohio. While in attendance, he became the Co-Director of Hip-Hop at WFAL AM where he helped transform the station into one of the more sought-after student-run organizations on campus and in the Bowling Green community. Ambitiously, Lo sought out more opportunities to perfect his craft. One of those opportunities, taken on his last remaining year in undergrad, was interning with the legendary John Mason from the “Mason in the Morning” show.


Lo graduated in 2010 with his B.A. in Telecommunications and Marketing. He went on, for what has now been 7 years, to successfully work in corporate marketing – servicing various clients in the food, oil & gas, and technology industries. In 2013, Lo relocated to Houston, TX and victoriously launched his podcast-Inaudible Raucous, LLC.


With radio being his background and passion, Lo strives to continue to be a voice for his generation and help shine light on and generate conversations around topics that are relevant to the urban community. Following the path of legends like Petey Greene, Dick Gregory and many others before him, Lo is focused on growing into his role as an orator, a social commentator and more importantly an audio revolutionary who believes “the art of communication is undervalued”.



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