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Music Review: "Culture II" by Migos

When it comes to defining what it means to be doing it for the “Culture”, Migos is definitely an example of that. First, let me take you back to 2015, I remember the day vividly I was on the train headed home from work and scrolling through Twitter as I usually do and I come upon a tweet from Hip-Hop/NY Rap legend Talib Kweli responding to another Twitter follower about how he thought Migos was a lyrical group. Now at the time, Migos had multiple hits such as “Versace”, “Hannah Montana”, and “Fight Night” but I still was not sold on them because as a fan of another Atlanta trio “Travis Porter”, I felt like they stole their wave. Now here I was looking at one of my favorite rappers saying this group was Hip-Hop and encouraging fans to actually listen closely to them, so that’s what I did.

I went and listened to their 2014 mixtape “No Label 2” which contained the tracks “Fight Night” and “Handsome & Wealthy” then I went and listened to their 2013 mixtape “Y.R.N. (Young Rich Ni**as)” and after I listened to them, I was sold that these 3 guys were pretty dope. Fast forward to 2016-2017, Migos are the “Dab Kings” staying hot by continuing to drop hit records, Quavo and Offset are doing more solo features and I soon realized I was a fan of the young trio. Fast forward again to present day, in order to follow up the success of their second album “Culture”, Migos strived to top that with their group effort “Culture 2” released exactly a year and one day after the first one. At 24 tracks, despite helping solidifying Migos’ spot in the Hip-Hop game and having some stand out tracks it does not stand up to or surpass its previous effort.

The first “Culture” album was 13 tracks and contained the Mega Hit “Bad & Boujee” along with other hits like “Slippery” and “T-Shirt”. It also contained stand out tracks like “Call Casting”, “Get Right Witchu” and “Kelly Price”. However, this new effort may not contain the Mega Hit, they tried with “Motorsport” which is still climbing up the charts, “Stir Fry” which is my favorite track, may or may not reach “Bad & Boujee” status. Their single “ Supastars” only stands out because of Takeoff’s verse, which he is really the MVP of the album and with his baritone level voice becomes a nice change from both Quavo and Offset’s voices. Stand out tracks that could and/or should be singles are “BBO (Bad Bitches Only)” featuring 21 Savage, “Walk It Talk It” featuring a lackluster Drake verse in my opinion, and “White Sand” featuring Big Sean, Ty Dolla $ign and Travis $cott. Other songs like “Auto Pilot”, “Emoji A Chain”, “Beast” “Movin’ Too Fast” and “Work Hard” in my opinion could have been left off. However, I would love to see a remix to “Walk It Talk It” featuring Gucci Mane, Rick Ross, and Yo Gotti, I feel like they’d do the song more justice than Drizzy did. Overall, “Culture 2” is letting everyone know Migos are 3 very distinct voices and members and if 2018 goes even half as good as 2017 for them that they are here to stay.

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