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Music Review: Kids See Ghosts by Kanye West and Kid Cudi

Another week, another GOOD Music release and this one might be the best one yet…after years of working together and even having a one time fall out…Kanye West & Kid Cudi drop a group album “Kids See Ghosts”. This project embodies the best of both their strengths with Cudi on harmonies and Ye handling production and some dope bars sprinkled in. Right out the gate on “Feel the Love”, I was hooked and excited upon hearing Kid Cudi singing “I could still feel the Love!” then unexpectedly Pusha T comes in with a fire verse that makes me want to go back a couple weeks to listen to “Daytona” again. Kanye then comes in with rapid-fire guns sounds that continues to get me hype before Cudi comes back with the chorus over Kanye’s drums.

The 2nd track “Fire”, though the shortest track is reminiscent of Man on The Moon and my favorite track off the album because it showcases Cudi & Ye speaking on negativity and outsiders that speak on their lives saying “I love all your sh** talkin’ I love all your sh** talkin’ “and how they have a duty keep going despite all this mentioning “On a mission livin’, carry on/Got my family I’m seein through by the days”. Sampling Italian musician Louis Prima, “4th Dimension” is classic rhyming between the two GOOD Music comrades and highlighting their versatility from the other tracks.

“Freee (Ghost Town Pt. 2)” is the sequel to the first track that was originally on Kanye West’s “Ye” album and features Ty Dolla $ign this time around. The song speaks about the duo not being hindered by society and its boundaries. My other favorite track “Reborn” is the longest track on the album coming in at five and a half minutes speaking again on their shortcomings but unlike on “Fire”, they speak on overcoming their problems and being better people.

The title track “Kids See Ghosts”, features the artist formerly known as Mos Def, Yasiin Bey. Throughout the track, Cudi speaks on not giving in and not letting Kid Cudi impersonators ruin him because he is tired of running. On the other end, Kanye West speaks on the pressure it is to be Kanye West “

Don't like bein' questioned and don't like bein' less than/Any a competition in any of my professions

So I gotta guess then, I gotta stay the best man/What else you expect from, uh, Mr. West, man”

On the last track, “Cudi’s Montage” a sample of Kurt Cobain’s “Burn the Rain” provides the backdrop for verses from Ye about gang violence and Cudi is feeling of pressure while talking with God.

After years of fans longing for more collaborations between the two and in the time where collab projects have become the norm in hip-hop Kanye West and Kid Cudi were able to make one of the best projects of the year albeit how short it is. These two together is magical and if that means Kids will have to still see ghosts…so be it.

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