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Music Review: Ye by Kanye West

Since the arrival of his first album “College Dropout”, there is always excitement when it comes to a new Kanye West album, this new album is no different. Despite his nonpolitically related support of President Trump, working on his Yeezy clothing line and his recent TMZ incident, Kanye still had time to work on 5 albums including his newest offering, “Ye”, the 2nd of 5 albums he produced during his time in Wyoming and Utah.

Upon hearing the Intro “I Thought About Killing You”, I was not impressed that was until we got to “Yikes”, the 2nd track which finds Kanye spitting bars like “Yeezy Yeezy trolling OD, ha!/Turn TMZ to Smack DVD, ha!”, referring his TMZ incident from a month or so and a #MeToo line in regards to Russell Simmons that may or may not be appropriate.