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Music Review: The Opening Ceremony by BJ The Chicago Kid

One of my favorite underrated artists, BJ The Chicago Kid is back on the scene! After releasing his Grammy nominated debut album “In My Mind” back in 2016, he’s back with “The Opening Ceremony EP” featuring three new tracks “Going Once, Going Twice,” “Nothing Into Something” and “Rather Be With You” which he said, taking a page out of the old school EP release playbook will all be included on his upcoming second album. Now a days artists release EPs as something to satisfy their audience with songs that do not fit the full scope of their album.

With this new project, BJ sets a laid-back tone for what his upcoming album. On the first track, “Going Once, Going Twice” throughout the song he lets his ex know that his new girl is an upgrade because she treats him much better and does not give a f**k.

On the second track, “Nothing into Something”, BJ in an ode to the pending birth of his child reminisces on how he and his woman started with just one kiss and now about to bring new life into the world. On the final track, “Rather Be With You” BJ expresses his love for his girl and the good times they had and how he rather be with her over being in the club or being in an argument with her.

Overall, this EP is nice sampler for what BJ The Chicago Kid’s new album will sound like and off these three tracks; I am excited to hear more…Enjoy!

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