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Music Review: SportsCenter by Flam Feeva

The day after the Cleveland Cavaliers survived not going 0-3 against the Boston Celtics by beating them back home in Cleveland 116-86 for their first win of the Eastern Conference Finals I had the chance to speak with up and coming Dayton, OH artist Flam Feeva about his career and his latest project “Sports Center EP”.

Led by the title track single “Sports Center” and entirely produced by Flam’s Producer EQ Tha Misfit, the EP finds Flam Feeva displaying his lyrical ability and skills in the same way his favorite player LeBron James highlights his talent as one of the best players to ever play the game every time he steps on the court.

Once he released the single “Sports Center”, the track got a lot of play and became a local hit, which inspired Flam to build off the vibe of the single by creating a story using the music industry as the main subject with a Sports Center theme.

When we spoke Flam was preparing for a photo shoot for a new record that he was to be featured on, “Ball Like A Player (Remix)” with a couple of other fellow Dayton Artists. He said growing up his love for music and rap grew from his taking an interest in the music his parents liked along with the influences of his next door neighbor who was a 12th Grader when he was in the 5th Grade and took interest in getting a young Flam Feeva hip to some of the rap artists he was listening to at the time.

When asked about his style, Flam said he it was “Boundless” because there was no limit to his style, which is evident in tracks like “One Mo”, a single that was originally a freestyle and the eventual remix that made the final cut onto the EP. Both songs, very dope in their own right are like very different songs that reminds me of the days of when Diddy or Jermaine Dupri would take a track and remix it by totally flipping it into a different and sometimes bigger hit than the original. Flam said some of his favorite artists that help influence his style include the likes of Jay-Z, Cassidy, Fabolous, Young Dro, JR Writer and Beanie Sigel.

Ever since he dropped, the EP Flam said he has been working on remixes to various tracks off the project as well as visuals in preaparation for a possible deluxe version of the Extended Play. I personally hope he does a remix to “Gas”. He is also considering do a Sports Center series every year during March madness. With his focus on working on this project, he said the two tracks he would recommend a new listener to check out first would be the Intro and Track 7 “Trophy”. These two tracks show how his lyrically different from others and has a way of using modern sounding production with his vintage wordplay.

Besides the space he’s in now, Flam mentioned that his favorite moment of his career was back in 2009 at the Ohio Hip Hop Awards when he won the award for “Best Video” for his single “Do The What” that was out at the time. Checking out his music from that time til now I see growth, consistency and determination to be one of the best all great qualities that a certain Basketball Player that plays in Cleveland, Ohio and wears the number 23 has shown throughout the playoffs from when he first came in the league back in 2003.

Wrapping up our interview, we spoke a little about sports and some music that Flam’s listening to now…On the subject of Colin Kapernick, Flam said he doesn’t think he’ll ever play again…when asked about his favorite NFL Team he said he doesn’t have one but if he was to play in the NFL he’d want to play as a quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers so that he could get a chance to run a two Minute Drill. I also asked about what’s some of the music he’s listening to now and he said it is a mixture of Nipsey Hussle’s “Victory Lap”, Gunna’s “Drip Season 3”, Rich the Kid’s debut “The World Is Yours”, Future & Young Thug’s “Super Slimey” and a lot of various Detroit Artist music.

To follow Flam Feeva, check out his Facebook Page or his Twitter page . All his music is available on the various streaming sites as well.

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